Dairy Department

The dairy and bread departments at Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op bring an array of first-rate dairy and dairy alternative products and locally made and gluten-free breads.

We carry organic cheeses, milk, ice creams, kefir, and yogurt. Our non-dairy products include soy milk, smoothies, cheeses, as well as non-dairy butter alternatives with no trans-fat. We are proud to carry local milk and butter from Homestead Creamery, and many types of local eggs.

We stock many kinds of breads, made from many types of grains to meet the needs of many types diets, including gluten intolerance, low sodium, and whole grain.

We also sell our own loaves of Happy Belly Deli breads – multigrain, whole wheat, and sourdough rye. Additionally, we buy breads on a weekly basis from local bakers like Wildflour, Sweet Water Breads, and Our Daily Bread.