Co+op Deli

Roanoke Co+op’s Deli is new and improved and now open. Check out the new hot bar, salad bar, soup bar and signature sandwiches. All natural ingredients, no added preservatives, no added hormones or artificial colors, ever.



Hot Bar & Salad Bar
$7.99 per lb.

Our deli is excited to debut daily specials on the hot bar!

Monday = Indian Food
Tuesday = ‘Round the World
Wednesday = The All American Experience
Thursday = Italian, Amici
Friday = Mexican, Amigos
Saturday = Asian cuisine
Sunday = Chef’s Choice


IMG_8835 (1)

Our Signature Sandwiches will amaze your taste buds and fill you up!

Every sandwich is just $6.99 ea.

Classic BLT
Pimento Cheese Bun
Turkey Apple Feta Wrap
The Club
Chicken Bacon Ranch Ciabatta



The Deli is open 10 AM – 8 PM every day!