Co+op Basics


More ways to save with Co+op Basics!

Looking to have more for less? So are we! That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new Co+op Basics program. Co+op Basics offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items. You’ll find both new value-priced brands as well as new low prices on some old favorites.

We have also lowered prices across the board in our produce department! Check out the savings on many of our most popular items like cucumbers, kale, apples, bananas, tomatoes, onions, and potatoes to name a few.

We’re committed to improving our selection so that everyone can find more value when shopping the co-op. You’ll find a variety of Co+op Basics items in the store. Just look for this sign and shop away:


Co+op Basics

We have over 150 Co+op Basics Deals in our stores including:

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Don’t forget to take advantage of these other great ways to save when shopping the co-op:

  • Co+op Deals – our biweekly flyer focused on packaged grocery.
  • Fresh Deals – our biweekly flyer focused on fresh produce, meat and cheeses.
  • Owner 10% off days – ownership has its perks; owners receive 10% off on the second Saturday of every month!
  • Bulk – save when buying just what you need; buy a pinch or a pound!