Coronavirus COVID19 Updates

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Update 4.3.2020

Poker Chip Program

We will not be passing out poker chips at the register until we get through the COVID19 crisis. All we will lose is the chip. Our new motto is; Keep the donation – lose the contamination. We will donate $540 across all four charities, that’s $135 per organization. This month we are featuring Children’s Trust, Roanoke Community Garden Association, Roanoke Diversity Center, Gainsboro SW Community Organization.

Protection at Checkout

We have installed plastic shields at our registers at our Grandin store to protect both our shoppers and our cashiers.

We also are providing gloves at the registers for shoppers to use while shopping and paying for your groceries.

Owners 10% Days
Starting in April, we will temporarily change the way we do our 10% Off Days for our Owners. Owners will receive a one-time credit on their account for 10% Off a shopping trip each month. So in the month of April, each owner’s account will have a credit for 10% Off that expires on April 30. Then on May 1, each account will receive another credit that expires on May 31, and so on.

We want our owners to get the best value possible out of their ownership and we understand that encouraging everyone to come out on one Saturday is not a good idea in regards to social distancing and product supply. 

Once we get on the other side of this health crisis, we will evaluate this change and see if it is a benefit to the co-op and our owners.

Fresh Deals
After March 31, we are temporarily suspending our advertising efforts around our in-house sales flyer, Fresh Deals. This is due to uncertainty in the supply of these products; we can’t guarantee quantities until the supply chain catches back up. When we have the products available, you’ll still receive the great prices we have negotiated for on your behalf, but we won’t be advertising the specials until further notice.

We will continue to advertising Co+op Deals. Be aware that demand is high and we can’t guarantee the product will be in stock during the sales period.


Update 3.25.2020

The seating area at our Grandin store will be closed until further notice.


Update 3.24.2020

A Message from our Board of Directors

March 24, 2020

Dear Owners and Community Members

Thank you for your loyal patronage to Roanoke Co+op and commitment to cooperative principles and values.  Our Co-op has thrived for decades due to our owners. 

We recognize that each of you is impacted by the current pandemic. Despite the uncertainties and challenges that this situation poses, we want to assure you that we remain committed to our goal of providing you the healthy and natural foods that you expect from our Co-op.  We intend to remain open to serve you. We are working closely with Bruce Phlegar, our General Manager, to monitor the evolving situation.  Management will be informing you via email and social media regarding any necessary operational changes that will affect you.

The board of directors will continue to meet monthly on a remote basis, rather than in person. We will be making plans to stay connected with owners for the duration of the current situation.  Once the plan is in place, we will let you know how and when we will stay in touch. 

We wish each of you the best as we work through this challenge together.  


Board of Directors 
Roanoke Co+op


Updates from the Co-op
Please note that all changes are temporary and subject to change at any time. We are doing our best to stay up-to-date with CDC recommendations and keep everyone updated as we make operational changes to best serve our staff and community and keep everyone safe. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Store Hours
Grandin is open 7AM – 8PM.
Downtown is open 10AM – 7PM

This will give us time to sanitize and clean even more thoroughly; restock depleted shelves as much as possible; and give our staff a small bit of time to rest and recharge.

Reusable Bags and Bagging Your Groceries
Due to the current health concern, customers wishing to use reusable bags need to bag their own groceries. We will be happy to bag your groceries in a fresh paper bag/s.

Out of Stocks
Because of nationwide shortages during the COVID-19 crisis, grocery store inventory levels are lower than usual. We continue to work with our suppliers to get the products that are available, and we expect regular deliveries to resume soon.

Our local vendors have been very good about getting product to our stores! Thank you!

Grab N’ Go
We are temporarily suspending Hot Bar and Salad Bar Service in our Deli. We’ve move to prepacked meals which can be found in the Grab N’ Go case next to our Soup Bar. Soups are also prepacked in the Grab N’ Go case. Hot bar items are packed in microwavable containers for your convenience.

We are also temporarily suspending our Fresh Made To Order items including Signature Sandwiches, Juices & Smoothies.

The Co-op is Hiring!

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19

Monday, March 16th, 2020

Cooperation and Cleanliness is the KEY!

As a community-owned business, Roanoke Co+op is here to serve our customers and owners when times are good and when times are tough. Our country is experiencing a challenging, intrusive virus that will affect our daily lives for several weeks. Roanoke Co+op is taking action across our entire company to safeguard the health and well-being of our customers, our team members, and our community as we all work to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Sanitation. Along with our standard dedication to industry best practices, we’ve put in place heightened disinfection procedures throughout our stores and offices. We are in regular communication with our staff regarding the situation and providing them the most up-to-date safety guidance, as recommended by the CDC and other health officials. We’ve also suspended food demonstrations and classes in our stores until further notice.

Product availability. We are working tirelessly to have the items you need on our shelves. We expect limited available of some items as the coronavirus has effected supply chains throughout our country.

On Going Support. We know that there is no way to totally control COVID-19, but we do have influence over its spread. We are asking our owners, shoppers and team members to partner with us in this. Roanoke Co+op encourages our staff to use their paid time off, stay home and reduce the spread of illness. We also ask that if you are feeling ill, please stay home.

Visit the CDC’s website for up-to-date information on how to keep your family and yourself safe. Meanwhile, your co-op will continue to focus on keeping our team members healthy—and our stores open and stocked—to serve and support you.

If you wish to contact the co-op for this or any reason, please email us at or call 540-343-5652 (Grandin) and 540-904-2733 (Downtown).

We’re Moving to New Gift Cards

Friday, January 31st, 2020

The co-op is transitioning to a new gift card system and you can help us make the transition so much easier. Please redeem your old gift cards ASAP!

The old cards will never lose value, so don’t worry. However, once we make the transition the process of accessing the old cards will slow down the time at checkout significantly.

Ask your cashier if you have any questions, or email us at

Board Elections

Friday, January 31st, 2020

The second cooperative principle is about Democratic Member Control.
Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members, who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions. Elected representatives (directors) are elected from among the membership and are accountable to the membership.

We hold elections every year to fill empty seats on our board of directors.

Applications are due at the end of February. If you’d like to apply, here are a few things you need to know:

What is required of a Director:

  1. A genuine interest in Co-op issues and our community.
  2. A four-year commitment to the Board.
  3. A willingness to take responsibility for Board duties and work together with understanding, mutual support, and respect to make decisions that will enhance the viability of the Co-op.

Board directors are owners in good standing and have a fiduciary responsibility to the owners to act in an informed and prudent manner.

Directors have a duty to represent the owners at large and to act in their best interests (not those of any one faction thereof).

Board applicants undergo a background check and need to attend one (1) board meeting before the May election.

Click here to PRINT A BOARD APPLICATION or pick one up at the registers.

Change! 2020 Recipients

Friday, December 27th, 2019

Roanoke Co+op is excited to announce the recipients of the 2020 Change! for Our Community program.

Our Change! program gives shoppers the opportunity to round up their purchases and donate to local community organizations each time they shop. Each month, Roanoke Co+op chooses a different organization to be feature at the register as our Change! recipient.

A committee of co-op employees and board members selected twelve organizations from a pool of 21 applicants to be featured at the registers in 2020. Those organizations are:

  • January – CHIP of Roanoke Valley (Child Health Investment Program)
  • February – The Compassionate Friends of the Roanoke Valley
  • March – Wasena Neighborhood Forum
  • April – SARA Roanoke (Sexual Assault Response & Awareness)
  • May – The Making Foundation
  • June – Clean Valley Council
  • July – Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Virginia
  • August – New Freedom Farm
  • September – InStill Mindfulness SWVA
  • October – Community Fund
  • November – House of Bread
  • December –  TAP (Total Action for Progress)

Change! is now in its sixth year of giving back to the Roanoke Valley. In 2019, the program is on pace to surpass $40k through the kind acts of 92k shoppers “rounding up” their purchases to the nearest dollar.

Change! For Our Community offers two ways to give at Roanoke Co+op. One way to give is by “rounding up” your purchases at the registers, which has brought in over $160k to date. The other way to contribute to Change! is by using a reusable bag when you shop at the co-op. Shoppers receive a poker chip worth $.05 for each reusable bag and can donate that chip to one of four organizations featured each month. By choosing to bring a reusable bag to the co-op, shoppers have saved over 875k bags from entering the waste stream while contributing an additional $48k to non-profits and community-minded for-profits, to date.

For more information, visit our Giving Back page or contact John Bryant, Marketing Manager, at

Thanksgiving 2019

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

The Co+op Deli is here to help make your holiday gathering easy as pie! Starting Friday, November 22 we’ll have Thanksgiving sides ready to heat and enjoy. Leave the cooking to us this year!

Thanksgiving Sides!

Traditional Stuffing          $7.99 lb

Wheat Free Stuffing    $7.99 lb

Cranberry Dressing $6.99 lb

Sweet Potato Casserole      $7.99 lb

Mashed Potatoes $7.99 lb

Turkey Gravy $5.99 lb

Vegan Mushroom Gravy $5.99 lb

Maple Glazed Yams   $7.99 lb

Special Order Pies!

All Half Pies! $8.99 ea

Apple Pie $17.95 ea
Sweet Potato $14.95 ea
Pumpkin $14.95 ea

Order at the Co+op Deli by Tuesday, November 26!

Both Roanoke Co+op locations open 8 AM – 12 PM on Thanksgiving Day!

Own It in October

Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Co+op Class Series

Thursday, June 27th, 2019
New this July! A four part class series from our friend and health instructor, Cathy Dick! The series is called AMP UP YOUR HEALTH.

Like every class at the co-op, owners pay just $5 per class ($10 for non-owners). All classes take place in the Community Room at our Grandin store. We have a great line up and your can register and pay online now. Check it out!

Part One: Make Your Own Kombucha
Tuesday, July 9 @ 6:30pm
Sign up Here

Are you looking to amp up your health, save money, and try your hand at making your own Kombucha at home? In this Part 1 of our Amp Up Your Health series, Cathy Dick, Health Educator & Coach with One Degree Forward, will share how anyone can easily make this lightly effervescent, cider-like beverage at home, while enjoying its remarkable health benefits. It’s fun, it’s incredibly easy and you can customize the flavors any way you like. She will walk you through the first and second fermenting techniques used to make flavored Kombucha.


Part Two: How to Ferment Veggies
Thursday, July 18 @ 6:30pm
Sign up Here

You’ve probably heard a lot about probiotics and how they help the delicate balance of bacteria in your digestive tract. Fermenting your own foods is one of the best ways to incorporate probiotics to keep your gut happy and your family healthy. In this Part 2 of our Amp Up Your Health series, Cathy Dick, Health Educator & Coach with One Degree Forward, will walk you through the steps to make your own jars of colorful, nutritious and tasty veggies. What a great way to preserve an over abundance of treasures from your garden!


Part Three: How To Sprout Live Food
Tuesday, July 23 @ 6:30pm
Sign Up Here

Sprouts offer one of the most concentrated and truly natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, all packed into a teeny tiny package.  Once awakened, these “live” foods are capable of providing your body with a form of living energy unlike any other food you can consume. In Part 3 of our Amp Up Your Health series, Cathy Dick, Health Educator & Coach with One Degree Forward, will share the inexpensive and simple techniques used for growing sprouts and how they can amp up your health.  


Part Four: How to Use Super Foods to Amp Up Health
Wednesday, July 31 @ 6:30pm
Sign Up Here

Experiencing another day of fatigue? Having a hard time concentrating or getting motivated? It’s superfood time! There are so many delicious superfoods you can use to pep up your energy and mental clarity. In this Part 4 of our Amp Up Your Health series, Cathy Dick, Health Educator & Coach with One Degree Forward, will share a few of her favorite powerhouse superfoods, and show you how to naturally incorporate them into your diet.

2019 Board Elections

Sunday, April 21st, 2019