Board Candidates 2018


This year we have seven co-op owners running for election. Please review each candidate’s information and cast your vote in our new online voting booth, powered by Online Voting Services. You may vote for up to four candidates.

Your vote is important and it’s a vital part of your ownership of Roanoke Co+op.  Deadline for voting online is midnight on Wednesday, May 16. You can still vote in-person at either co-op location (deadline 12noon, May 20) or at the Annual Owner Social & Meeting by 6:30 p.m. The winners of the election will be announced at the conclusion of the meeting.

Remember each owner may vote once, for up to 4 candidates.

To cast your vote online, simply log in by entering your owner number along with your last name, below. You can find your 12-digit owner number on your Roanoke Co+op owner card or in the election notice mailed to your home. If you have any questions, please contact us at 540-904-5700.



Leila Bitterli

Leila Bitterli is the Business & Contract Manager of Ivy Group Consultants, the family-run architectural consultancy founded and headquartered in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. She operates the Roanoke branch of the business from the Grandin CoLab. Leila earned her MBA from Virginia Tech and looks forward to sharing her business acumen and creative problem-solving skills with the co-op board. Leila lives in the Grandin Court neighborhood, where she raises her two children, Mara and Lakota. She volunteers for the Happy Healthy Cooks organization, teaching nutrition & cooking to second-graders and enjoys sharing this time with Lakota. Leila enjoys staying active with Spartan racing trainers at nearby Ferguson Fitness. Her daughters attend acrobatics’ classes at Roanoke Ballet Theatre, and they all love spending time in the Grandin Village so close to home.



Bob Capper
Bob is the current president of Roanoke Co+op and has served more than 19 years on the co-op board during three terms over 24 years. He has also been a co-op member since 1975. In prior terms as board president, he initiated the conversion of Roanoke Co+op’s governance and membership structures to a modern format, ensuring the future growth and stability of the co-op. In his current term on the board, Bob has been instrumental in guiding the board through the important planning and implementation of the recent remodeling of our main store on Grandin Road. Bob has operated a successful engineering practice in the Roanoke Valley for 29 years, and owned and operated for 10 years Pae’s Academy of Tae Kwon Do, a martial arts school in Grandin Village. In 2013, he founded Radio Free Roanoke, Inc., Roanoke’s first non-profit, non-commercial, community FM radio station, located in the Grandin Village.



Amanda Copeland
Amanda has served on the board of directors at Roanoke Co+op for one full term and works for the family business, Copeland Excavation and Construction. The mission and the energy of the co-op is consistent with Amanda’s values, personally and professionally. Having grown up not far from Roanoke, she knows the importance of supporting local farmers and the benefits that support provides to our community. Amanda enjoys educating others about whole foods and considers the co-op a valuable resource for the well-being of our community. She believes that healthful foods have the ability to enhance quality of life and welcomes the opportunity to provide continued support and ideas as a board member.  Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, mountain biking, and cooking. The Copelands frequent the co-op on Sundays and during the week to purchase their fruits and vegetables. Their two boys, Graham and Judd, enjoy pushing their own buggies and eating at the Co+op Deli when they visit the Grandin store.



Ronald L. Marsh 
Dr. Ronald L. Marsh is a native of Roanoke City and owns and operates Shelemiah Marketing Agency and Consultants. He is a graduate of Jefferson Senior High School and received a BS degree in 2011 from Bluefield College. He also attended Hill College, Texas Arlington, Houston Bible Institute, and received Honorary Doctorate degree from Bethlehem Bible College in Roanoke, as well as his Apostolic Commission in 2003. He coaches high school basketball and inner-city youth as a mentor.  He currently acts as a pastor, spiritual mentor and educator in Roanoke City Schools, Health and Nutritional consultant, and facilitates health seminars throughout the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas. He also currently serves as trustee for the Bethlehem Bible College and Seminary and is pursuing his Master’s in Special Education from Mary Baldwin College.   Dr. Marsh has been an owner of Roanoke Co+op since 2011 and is married to health minister, Thelma Marsh.



Ron McCorkle

Ron is a veteran Roanoke Co+op board member, happily serving since 2010. He has served as treasurer and has chaired or participated in several committees. He attended co-op leadership and financial trainings in order to increase his knowledge and skills. He works towards collaboration at the neighborhood level and sometimes facilitates social, environmental and financial permaculture projects. Ron is the founder of RMI Services, a grocery auditing company since 1995. He has been a director of Neighborhoods USA, Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates, Southeast Action Forum and was a founding director of Sharebike and Roanoke Community Gardens. He resides at his urban homestead, gardening his small yard and working toward self-sufficiency. He enjoys working on forest projects and permaculture landscapes, hiking, and biking.



Steve Mikkelson

Steve Mikkelson is the owner of Fine Finishes, which specializes in an extensive range of modalities such as solar, woodworking, and sustainable building and remodeling. He grew up in Minneapolis, MN and studied business at Montana State University. While living in Montana, he was an active owner of the Community Food Co-op in Bozeman.  For the last 13 years, Steve has lived in Roanoke and has been a loyal Roanoke Co+op owner.  He received a degree in photovoltaics and continued to further his studies in professional solar design through the Center for Sustainable Energy in Maryland. Steve is a member of Solar United Neighbors of Virginia. His company, Fine Finishes, strives to make a connection between policy objectives for solar deployment and sustainability.  Steve has enjoyed teaching renewable energy education to youth, volunteering his skills with disaster relief organizations overseas, and instructing disabled children how to ski.


Krista_Stevenson (002)

Krista Stevenson

Krista is the current secretary of Roanoke Co+op and has also served as chair of the nominations committee for 4 years. Krista recently studied at the Sobey School of Business in Ontario, Canada to further her education in Co-operative Management on Executive Education of Business Performance. Well known for her exceptional networking and fast business start-up, Krista is the owner of a small, debt-free property management business in Roanoke.  Krista strives to accommodate her local clients and continues to move her business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly direction. She has crafted a broad base of experience that helps create value for her company and position on the board by earning degrees in education, business administration, and her MBA, as well as awards in leadership and customer service. Krista enjoys spending time hiking, traveling, and teaching about sustainability.